Aragonite Candle Holder

Our NEW Aragonite Candle Holder makes a beautiful addition to any home or work space. Whether placed in your bathroom to add that warm & relaxing glow, or individually styled on your sideboard to add a rustic feel. This unique, calming candle holder will blend with any decor style and in any space. Due to this being made from natural materials, each one will vary in colour & texture. No two are the same.

Sold individually. Tea light not included.

Each candle holder comes in our branded, drawstring canvas bag.

Size: H 6cm x W 6CM X L 6cm (approx)

What is Aragonite?

The spiritual meaning of Aragonite is that its connection with the Earth’s energy gives you the strength you need to recharge and stabilise yourself in all areas of body, mind, and soul.

Aragonite increases energy, promotes reliability and discipline in people, providing insight into difficult issues, especially in business. At work, Aragonite helps clear the mind, stimulates motivation and provides mental energy required to meet professional challenges. A total mood booster!

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